So who's behind Primal Dog?

Nine years ago I started raw feeding my dogs. Back then I had 2 Boxers called Roxy and Charlie. Charlie was the kind of dog that seemed to pick up every bug going. Something had to change!
I started with a raw diet and never looked back. She was a different dog; happy, healthy, full of energy and her coat was like velvet. I knew I would never go back to feeding anything that wasn't natural.

  • Photo of Roxy the Boxer Dog


    Favourite Treat: All of them!

  • Photo of Charlie the Boxer Dog


    Favourite Treat: Rabbit Ears

In 2018 I lost Roxy. In her final year she was diagnosed with Cushing's, Hypothyroidism, Pancreatitis and finally Dysbiosis - which was basically 'leaky gut'. This led to a great deal of research regarding her diet & supplements. I was convinced that all those years of over vaccination, chemical treatments and rubbish food led to this so I vowed never again!

Late 2018 along came Shelby (another Boxer of course!). I decided she would be naturally reared, right from the off. However, despite my best efforts, she has allergies (environmental we think) and, since eating a cork in 2022 which had to be surgically removed, she’s had some tummy issues. This lead to yet another elimination diet for her. As a result, I have a fair bit of experience when it comes to only being able to feed specific proteins or low fat diets. I know how frustrating it can be trying to find suitable treats, when proteins are limited, which is why I decided to launch Primal Dog.

You can be confident that all our treats are natural and, where stated, are 100% single protein! They are all from GB or EU approved sources and again, if you prefer GB only, we specify this on each product page.

  • Photo of Shelby the Boxer Dog

    Shelby (Chief Product Tester)

    Favourite Treat: Lambs Ears